“Dating chances and consequently mate selection has become a challenge in our contemporary society.
It is now getting easier for one to receive an education than to find a spouse. Many well educated and relatively well off town dwellers are more lonely than their rural parents were, less than 20 years ago. Many who had postponed marriage to pursue education, a career, or another worthy cause like economically supporting core family are finding it a challenge to find a pool of alternatives for mate selection. After attaining their goals, they are unable to find spouses as they lack time for socializing in a fast-paced society with rapidly changing socio-economic structures” There has been a tremendous, gradual, shift from traditional societies where arranged marriages, to partners selected from the pool of alternatives, were the norm.

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Singles Club Starts in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ Tabitha Murungu counsels Kenya’s lonely and lovesick in an advice column, and recently started the only singles group in Nairobi. But Murungu says she’s no matchmaker. Fixing people up isn’t easy in this East African nation, where people don’t feel comfortable talking about being alone _ especially on Valentine’s Day. “Everyone […]

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